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We are aware of an issue with Brazil's ability to broadcast both their Class 1 international and domestic NOTAMs out to the world via AFTN. We are manually reconciling our system with their online database 3-4 times per day, but please beware that real-time updating of their NOTAMs is not currently occurring.

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Business / General Aviation
Western Hemisphere: 800-553-7750 or +1-303-328-4244
Eastern Hemisphere + 44(0)1293 842400 (UK)

Airlines / Commercial Aviation
Western Hemisphere 800-353-2108 or +1-303-328-4422
email: ba-customerservice@jeppesen.com
Eastern Hemisphere +49 6102 5070 (Germany) or 44(0)1293 842400 (UK)
email: uk_bizav@jeppesen.com

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